Young family

Family and marriage
The family is based on marriage relations, in which both the natural and social nature of a person is manifested, both the material (social being) and the spiritual (social consciousness)…

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In many cultures, the level of relationship between the family and its progenitors is quite high. This applies even to American families, where early separation from the parent family is…

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Mechanisms for family integration
Social and functional mechanisms of family integration E. G. Eidemiller and V. V. Justitsky (1990) call a set of psychological processes that cover family members and their relationships, leading to…

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State of family guilt

The feeling of guilt arises in everyone quite naturally if we commit an unnatural act that generates conflict. Committing exculpatory acts mitigates guilt. In this case, we are talking about real guilt. In addition, there is neurotic guilt. It occurs when thoughts and feelings that are of an unseemly nature appear. We accuse ourselves of having these feelings.

Existential guilt-guilt for not being the other, but being myself. It is often updated during losses.

Guilt is the least tolerable feeling. The pangs of conscience can reach great strength, causing torment and fear. By projection, we try to put the blame on another. Continue reading

Diagnosis of conditions in a dysfunctional family

There are 4 main States of a dysfunctional family:

State of global family dissatisfaction.
A state of unbearable physical and mental stress.
State of family anxiety.
State of the family vine
1. State of global family dissatisfaction
It occurs if there is a sharp discrepancy between the person’s conscious or unconscious expectations in relation to the family and the real family life. There are some expectations and there is another. Continue reading

The work of the psychologist with the teaching staff

The psychologist is called to do everything possible to ensure a real humanization of the relationship between children and teachers in kindergarten, to replace the usual orientation of the staff to perform programs with a desire and desire to go from the child, his needs and interests. And this means, first of all, the rejection of the disciplinary model of education and the transition to a person-oriented one. This transition is difficult, especially where the number of children’s groups is high, where the teacher works without an assistant. As far as possible, the psychologist should look for and suggest ways to change the organization of children’s life in groups, dividing them into subgroups according to different criteria (success in the classroom, attractiveness of a particular activity, personal liking, etc.). Continue reading

Family structure

This is the number and composition of family members, as well as the totality of relationships between its members. It is closely related to its function. They mutually influence each other. For example, divorce affects all functions. There are the following forms of family:

The basic form of the family is the nuclear family. This is a triangle-parents and one child. It is represented by representatives of 2 generations-parents and children. There are 2 varieties – a complete nuclear family (two parents and children) and an incomplete nuclear family (the absence of one of the parents). A family without children is also an incomplete nuclear family. Continue reading

Basic concepts of family psychology

The definition of the family:
A family is a small social group that is based on marital Union and kinship relationships (husband-wife relationships, parents and children, siblings) that live together and run a common household. The most important characteristics of a family are its functions, structure, and dynamics.

Functions of the family

The function of the family is understood as the sphere of life activity, which is associated with the satisfaction of family members of their specific needs. Continue reading

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Marriage satisfaction
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Motivation for marriage
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Functions of the family
The main functions of the family, according to I. V. Grebennikov (Grebennikov I. V., 1991), are: reproductive (reproduction of life, that is, the birth of children, the continuation of the…


Modern research on family and marriage relations
Currently, the problems of matrimony-parenthood-kinship pay more attention not only in theory, but also in practice. The works of Yu. I. Aleshina, V. N. Druzhinin, S. V. Kovalev, A. S.…